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The German appliance powerhouse certainly knows how to keep Aussies happy in the laundry room, receiving five-star reviews for overall satisfaction, in addition to most other research categories. Its four-star rating on value is perhaps a reflection of the fact that Miele also happens to be one of the most expensive washing machine brands around. But it seems that Aussies can see the value in paying extra for quality. The only other brand to rate five stars in any category this year was Simpson with its front load washers earning top reviews for their ease of use, quietness and value for money.

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To help you decide which brand may be the best fit for your needs and budget, here is a guide to the eight brands in our latest review and what they currently have to offer Aussie households. Miele is known as a high-end appliance brand, but evidently consumers look at more than just price alone, instead appreciating proven quality.

Miele is a German manufacturer, with many of its products still made in Europe. Miele was rated five stars for overall satisfaction and most other categories, except for value for money where it was still rated a respectable four stars. Their high energy-efficiency ratings , however, should help to get some of that back in the form of reduced power bills over time. Simpson front loaders are all around the middle-road as far as capacity goes — two with an 8kg load capacity and one with 7kg. Simpson boasts larger hatches and drums for easy access as well as durable inverter motors with a 10 year warranty parts only.

Simpson front loaders are also equipped with a pause and add button, so you can throw in a missed sock mid-cycle. Additionally, the units feature auto water level sensing systems, said to ensure there is just the right amount of water for the cycle. In terms of energy efficiency ratings, all machines score 3. In our review, Simpson rated five stars for ease of use, quietness and value for money while also scoring four stars on design, features, performance and reliability.

Bosch is another high-end German manufacturer, known for making feature-rich front loaders and numerous other household appliances. Some of its front loaders are still made in Germany, with many models boasting WELS water efficiency ratings of four stars or higher. Some consume as little as around 60L per cycle, which is around half the consumption of a typical top loader. The drum detects the load weight, fabric type and degree of soiling, and adjusts the levels accordingly.

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Sizes include 7kg models as well as 8kg and 9kg. Bosch was a solid performer in our review, rating four stars for overall satisfaction and for every other category. Its models hover around the middle-end of the capacity range, 7. The names are suggestive, with WashSmart models offering the ability to pause the wash cycle to allow you to insert forgotten items.

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Nevertheless the four stars were consistent across all the major categories including value for money and features. South Korean electronics giant LG boasts a fairly large range of front loader washing machines. Meanwhile TrueSteam is a feature that uses ultra-high temperatures to steam the water and enable tough stains to be removed.

Expect energy and water efficiency ratings of between 3. LG was rated four stars in every category in , making it a solid all-round performer. Capacities are on the large side, with many models exceeding 10kg. There is also a massive 16kg model with a smaller 2. Similarly to LG, Samsung front loaders average around Samsung got three stars for overall satisfaction and most areas in our latest review, with four stars for quietness.

Electrolux is a Swedish brand, with a focus on innovative laundry appliances. Most of its front load washing machines skew to the middle end of the capacity spectrum — from 7. Electrolux front loaders are known for efficiency, with many of its models featuring five-star energy ratings and 4. Its 10kg model EWF , for example, uses just 84L per cycle, which seems quite an achievement given the capacity.

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Many models feature more than 10 washing programs — including quick washes — with the ability to save your favourite program. In our review, Electrolux was rated three stars for overall satisfaction as well as for all other categories. The Whirlpool 8. Along with an adaptive sensor to detect the optimal amount of detergent, this Whirlpool washer received a four out of six stars for both water and energy efficiency ratings.

You can find the 8. For overall customer satisfaction, Whirlpool was rated just three stars. However, it did manage to score four stars in terms of features and value for money. Aside from the eight brands featured in our ratings, there are some other leading names in the world of front load washing machines that may be worth a look into. Such brands include:. Some brands come relatively cheap, while others are feature-rich with intelligent detergent dispensers, load sensors and high energy and water efficiency ratings.

Our survey of consumers who have recently bought a front loader revealed the following insights:. Instead, it relies on gravity for its tumble action in the drum.

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One of the main benefits of front loaders is that they are typically more energy and water efficient than top loaders. With higher star ratings in these areas, you could be saving more money on power and water bills.

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In addition, you typically have a larger range of cycle options, temperature settings and spin speeds. These units are also boasted for quiet noise levels and create minimal lint from washing clothes.

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  7. You can also use the top surface as a workbench or stick a dryer on top to save on floor space. They also have generally longer wash times and smaller capacity levels than top loaders. In addition, expect to pay higher prices upfront compared to top loaders. However, there are also options for larger households, with some brands boasting 10kg load capacities and up. We list some specific factors to think about before buying a front loader below. The capacity of washing machines is measured in kilograms i.

    Electrolux, LG and Samsung are some of the biggest names to offer large capacity front loaders, while most major brands have small models. You can find front loaders as big as 16kg in capacity! But when it comes to capacity, bigger is not always better. In addition to the obligatory range of various delayed start and cycle times, some of the most impressive front load washer features currently available allow you to:.

    Top Load Washing Machine Reviews. There are plenty of retailers that sell washing machines either in-store or online. These include:. Each brand offers a number of models within its range. Source: Respective retailers and Appliances Online, May Top load washing machines have a vertically aligned drum where clothes are loaded and unloaded via the door on top of the unit.

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